Our core roster is now solidified and we don't have any immediate needs for any roles. If we need replacements in the future I'll post another announcement and change the recruitment status.

Just as a note we don't recruit for the bench and will also not be kicking any current core members in favor of someone else. As such, we will not be accepting any more applications at this time.
We are currently looking to expand from a 10 man roster to an 11-12 man roster for 5.4 in order to push for a US #1 spot next tier. We need skilled and dedicated players to fill these roles; these interested players must have extensive knowledge of their class and a fairly solid raiding record, as well as having high parses. We are NOT looking to recruit "bench" players, but strong players who are worthy of consistently swapping in with the rest of the group.

Although we will look at any class, we are especially interested in a Monk, Warrior, and Pally tank. Also, players who are interested in joining may be required to have a raid ready/capable alt (a second Tank) after their trial period, as it's an important part to the guild's success. All of our current raiders have raid-ready alts who are kept up to speed with the mains by clearing an alt heroic ToT run each week. This is so we can run 2 normal mode groups the first week, so we can weave the mains and maximize their loot, as well as get more boss experience by clearing it twice. We also do this in case we need to swap in certain alts when a heroic fight requires it.

Our raiding schedule for progression going into 5.4 will be 7 days a week from 7:00-11:00PM EST, and we may go to 12 or past 12 on occasion, if we're close to a kill or making great progress, and if everyone is capable and willing. Anyone interested in joining MUST be able to make these times during progression time and have almost flawless attendance. We understand that sometimes things happen and that's part of the reason why we're pursuing a 11-12 man roster this tier. However, you should have your life in relatively good order for this period of time.

Our raiding schedule for farm content is Sunday-Thursday 7:00-11:00PM EST, during which we never go past 12 and only a few times do we raid up to 12. We work on compressing down our core group's full heroic clear from 3 nights to 2 nights the first week, then eventually down to 1 night sometime later, as we fill in some of those days with our alt run. We also plan to sell heroic Garrosh mounts/kills/other raid loot as people gear up and get their mounts, including in our alt run once it gets up to speed with the main group.
Got around to setting up the application form which you can access by clicking on the Recruitment tab under the Banner. Once you submit your application you can view it and its comments by hovering over your account name at the top right of the screen and going to applications. Only you, myself, and Sean the GM can see applications. No other guilds or people will have access to it.

Feel free to still add myself or Sean's battle tag if you have any questions or want to talk to us about something.

Trogor#1498 (Head Officer)
Sean#11359 (GM)

Attention all applicants

Trogor23 a posted Jul 9, 13
For those who are interested in applying to the guild, the application form section of this website is not currently up. Don't go trying to make forum posts either. At the moment just add one or both of mine and Sean's battle tags. If you don't already know what we are looking for, this is an up to date, in depth recruitment post on the forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9453745598

Trogor (Head Officer)

Sean (GM)
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