6.0 Recruitment (10/22/2014)

Yurq a posted Oct 4, 14

Apophasis is a heroic raiding guild on the Shattered Hand Realm. We are reforming upon the news of 20-man mythic raiding, and are looking for few individuals to be apart of our core raid team.


Mon-Thurs 8-12 EST

Notable Accomplishments: 

US 2nd Heroic Lei Shen (10-man)
US 3rd Heroic Dark Animus (10-man)
US 5th Ra-Den (10-man)

Our recruitment status for the following classes are as follows:

Death Knight: Closed
Druid: Closed
Hunter: High
Mage: Closed
Monk: Closed
Paladin (Holy): Closed
Priest: Closed
Rogue: High
Shaman (Ele): High
Warlock: Closed
Warrior: Closed

If your class is listed as closed and you feel like you could be a valuable asset to Apophasis, we still encourage you to apply.