Apophasis is a hardcore guild on the Shattered Hand realm. We are a former top tier 10-man guild that is looking for that same kind of progression on 20 man Mythics upon release. We currently are seeking skilled individuals for the upcoming Mythic raids.

Class needs:

We are currently accepting applications for our mythic raiding team and will consider from any exceptional and outstanding players.


Mon-Thurs 8-12 EST

Our schedule is the same now as it will be at the start of Warlords of Draenor


Notable Accomplishments:
US 3rd Heroic Dark Animus (10-man)
US 2nd Heroic Lei Shen (10-man)
US 5th Ra-Den (10-man)

Contact Us:

Sean#11359 (Guild Master)
Nagello#1762 (Recruitment Officer)

Feel free to throw up an application or contact us in game.

We look forward to hearing from you!