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Apophasis is a hardcore guild on the Shattered Hand realm.  We were a former top tier 10-man guild that is looking for that same kind of progression on 20-man Mythics.  We are currently seeking skilled individuals for our Mythic raid progression.
We will still consider applications from any exceptional and outstanding players.
Monday-Thursday 8-12 EST
Notable Accomplishments:
US 34th Imperator Mar'gok (Mythic)
US 3rd Heroic Dark Animus (10-man)
US 2nd Heroic Lei Shen (10-man)
US 5th Ra-Den (10-man)
Contact Us:
Sean#11359 (Guild Master)
Nagello#1762 (Recruitment Officer)
Feel free to throw up an application or contact us in game.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Mythic Operator Thogar Down!

Nagello a posted Thu at 2:29

Video will be posted right away!

Mythic Kromog Down!

Nagello a posted Feb 23, 15

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